TIME has published and printed my photo!! June 11th 2018 Edition

"Drones Are Everywhere. Get Used to It" - TIME, by Alex Fitzpatrick @alexjamesfitz

What an absolute privilege to have well respected writer Alex Fitzpatrick share one of my photos on the opening page of TIME (online) which will also be printed inside the next edition of TIME Magazine, June 11 2018.

Back in April 2017, unbenown to me (due to incorrectly crediting me), TIME used this same photo for World Earth Day on their Instagram account. 1 years later I get a phone call from New York with the editor asking to officially use it in the next published addition of the TIME Magazine.

Absolutely frickin stoked!!

Below is a photo of the cover (not mine). Check out the online article here. There's also an impressive video story behind how they created the cover of the TIME magazine below using 958 automated (and illuminated) drones.

"Surfers avoid riptides off Australia’s southwestern coast - Travis Marshall"